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A letter of marque delineated the difference between “pirate” and “privateer.” A government — usually a monarch — would designate a particular ship and captain to continue doing more or less what they’d been doing (pillaging and plundering) but against enemies of the state. Any private vessel could become an unofficial naval enforcer, but in this case there were no legal consequences, or trials for piracy… at least while whoever issued the letter of marque considered it convenient.

Famous privateers included Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Henry Morgan and Jean Lafitte.

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Gorgeous and made of 100% merino wool superwash, Epona is a soft-yet-sturdy yarn, made of four 2-ply strands cabled together. It is delightful to work with and is perfect for garments and accessories.
218 yards, 100 grams
100% merino wool