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Hogwarts in Stained Glass


Every house will enjoy this artistic bag! On the outside are vignettes of the Golden Trio, along with various creatures and symbols from the Harry Potter world. The inside has each of the Hogwarts houses represented by a stylized stained glass window versions of each crest.

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Better on the Inside Project Bags

These fabulous drawstring project bags are the perfect solution for carrying all your projects!

  • Square bottomed to add structure and accessibility
  • Fully lined with coordinating fabrics that add whimsy and versatility to the already astoundingly cool exterior fabrics
  • Double ribbon closures that never open on their own
  • Large enough for projects up to 4 skeins
  • Made from 100% high quality quilting cotton.
  • Machine washable
  • Measure 13” X 13” (laid flat)
  • Handmade in the USA.
Weight100 g
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