About A Hundred Ravens

A Hundred Ravens is a small studio in New Hampshire producing amazing hand-dyed yarn.

Let’s break down what “amazing hand-dyed yarn” means to us.

It means incredible colors, developed to be not only pleasing to the eye, but to work up reasonably, to pool – if they pool – predictably, it means when we say “tonal” we mean a certain range of light and dark but not beyond it.  It means small lots, so the dye job quality is exceptionally high. It means the dye stays put on the yarn.

Amazing means we source yarn we ourselves want to work with, where ply must not only be quality, with no knots and consistent diameter, but stability so if someone is working with four strands at a time the yarn isn’t trying to twist around itself. It means we think about content, with interesting fiber combinations like BFL and silk for workability with drape, or yak with some nylon for durability with an insanely soft hand.

It means color “seasons” where we introduce new, wonderful sets of colorways that work together, visually and thematically.  Amazing means innovation of color, new things to choose from while we also maintain a great, consistent selection of fan favorites.

Amazing means we think about great ways to offer our yarn, like mini skein sets in quality gradients, fun coordinating combinations in a variety of bases, not just fingering merino. We have kits with just the right yarn for a project, we have fun project bags and more!

There’s a lot of hand-dyed yarn out there. Our commitment is to be the best.

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