Spring Yarn Project

A Hundred Ravens is For the Birds!

Or… Making the World A Little Brighter One Nest at a Time

20160318_111750Each Spring our daughter, Lili, gathers up the scraps of yarn and fluff around the studio and starts stuffing them into twig balls and a suet feeder that we use through the winter to feed our wild feathered friends.
Then she heads into the woods around the house to hang them in the bare branches of the trees where they provide great nesting materials for the many birds in the woods around the house.  They also add bright spots of color for us to enjoy.
20160318_11223720160318_112702When the leaves are thick in the trees it is time to go and take them down — now much emptied — and go for a hike to find the cheerful results woven through the nests in trees and eves around us.
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