Mini Projects

Ever wonder what you can make with an A Hundred Ravens Mini Skein Set?


by Mindy Wilkes
Knitter: Bonjourkatie
Project: Better Than Roses

by Melinda VerMeer
Knitter: lgs
Project: lgs’ Nymphalidea
Mighty Mini

by Rachel Henry
Knitter: Tobyblue
Project: ZOMG Mighty Mini
Dark Mockingjay

by Mindy Abodeely
Knitter: Serenova
Project: AHR Gradient Mini-Skein Sweater
Appia Cowl

by Hilary Smith Callis
Knitter: Meg922
Project: Meg922’s Appia Cowel

by Raven Knits Design
Knitter: RavenKnits
Project: She Wore Flowers In Her Hair
Layers and Links

by Nicole Montgomery
Knitter: colie75
Project: Rainbow Layers & Links

by Martina Behm
Knitter: BarbOutsideBoston
Project: Leftie
E.L.F Cap

by Kendra Nitta
Knitter: Ildolcesuono
Project: Starry E.L.F. Cap

by Gina House
Knitter: Brwneyes16
Project: Tulip Camilla

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