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Potent green – almost black – semi-solid.

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The French Way

Pour absinthe into an absinthe glass. Fill to the lowest line on the glass. Place an absinthe spoon over the top of the glass. Place a small brick of sugar on top of the absinthe spoon. Slowly drip absinthe onto the sugar. Once the sugar dissolves, you can pour the absinthe until the liquid reaches the second line in your glass. Stir and enjoy.

The Easy Way

Take an ounce and a half or so of absinthe, put it in a glass, and pour cold water slowly into it. The absinthe will go from clear to cloudy — called ‘the louche.’ Take a squeeze bottle of simple syrup, put a little bit in there to taste. Stir and enjoy.

A closer look at AHR’s yarn bases.

Weight 100 g
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