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Crushed Shawlette Kit


A heart-shaped shawlette with a charming lace pattern that evolves into a nupp-enhanced lower border.

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“When I was a child I had a crush on Abraham Lincoln. Why I would choose to reveal this, I know not.”
– Julia Roberts

This kit includes one set of Iachos Minis in “Tulip”, and a copy of the “Crushed” shawlette pattern. This heart-shaped shawlette is worked top-down. The graceful wings hug your shoulders – this is a shawl that doesn’t slip off easily. The lace pattern of the body evolves into a nupp-enhanced lower border.

If you would prefer a different color of minis for your shawl, please let us know in the comments at checkout.

Weight 200 g

As pictured, Choose your own

Mini Set Color

… And Peggy, Angelica Schuyler, Bearded Iris, Breathe Love In, Breathe Love Out, Briar Rose, Cleopatra, Cupid in the Underworld (Iachos), Dark Prism, Defying Gravity, Doctor Who, Eliza Schuyler, Hecate, Helm's Deep, Hippokampi, Let the Wookie Win, Mermaid's Tail, Nebula, Oceanus, Phoenix, Pixie Surfer Madness, Rainbow, Shantih, Starry Night, The Resolute Lady of Bear Island, To Infinity and Beyond!, Tulip, Votes for Women Everywhere, Yuri Katsuki, ZOMG Pink!

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